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SHANBRO Instrumentation
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SHANBRO Instrumentation

SHANBRO Instrumentation

Teat Instrustments

Milk Syphons,

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Milk Syphons,

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Teat Instrustments, Milk preventor Aluminum, Milk preventor Plastic, Teat Bisectory, Tumor extractor, Milk Syphon, Teat dialator, Teat Slitter


Castration Instruments:
Band Castrating Forceps, Burdizzo/Castrating Forceps, Castrating Knives, Castration Clump, Stretching Forceps and Emasculators
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Dosage Instruments,Balling Guns (with spring), Pistol Balling Gun, Ruminal Magnet Balling Gun, Stomach Pump and 3-Rings Balling Guns
Ear Syringes and Accessories,Thread lock ear syringes, Complete set of luer lock ear syringes, Luer lock ear syringes Cannula for Luer Ear Syringes, Cannula for Thread Lock Ear Syringes and Extension Rod for Luer Lock Ear Syringes,Hoof and Claw Instruments,Hoof Knives (Wooden Handles), Hoof Knives (Ebony Handles), Hoof Knives Set with Case, Hoof Rasps, Hoof Testing Forceps, Hoof Shears,Preparation Instruments,Combs, Sheep Clippers & Sheep Shears, Nail Cutters, Nail Scissors, Cuticle Scissors,Restraining Equipments,Anti-Kick Bars, Bull Leads, Cattle Twitch, Mouth Gags, Nose Rings, Pig Staples & Applicators, Shepherd's Crooks, Wire Nose Pig Holders, Hog Catcher and Snare Loop,Vaginal Speculums,Cusco speculum, Collin & Grave's Speculums, Polanski Vaginal Speculum, Sims Speculums, Speculum for Lamb, Stomach Tube Speculums, and Vienna Speculum ,Pliers for Anti-Sucker, Anti-Suckers, Anti-Suckers (French Model), Bird's Ring Cutter, Blood Taking Needle, Catheters, Cattle Weiner, Clipping Sheer, Compression Rubber Tube, Ear Clamps, Fixation frame, Microscopic Needles, Milking Tube, Richardson Retractors, Tail Cutter, Teat Lancet, Teat Tumor Extractor, Teat Slitters, Tooth Rasp, Trocars, Tube Dehorners, Artificial Insemination gun.,Obstetric instruments:,Eye Hooks, Handle for OB Saw Wire, Obstetric Base, Double Tube Embryotome, OB Chain, Obstetric Forceps, Obstetric Chain Handle, Rope carrier, obstetric Hook, Meat Hanging Hooks, Pig holder and calf puller,A.I. Equipments, A.I. Guns, A.I. Sheaths, A.I. Kits for Small & Large Animals, Post Mortem Instruments, Teat Instruments, Vaginal Speculum, Hoof Knives, Obstetrical Instruments, Trocars & Canullas, Sponge & Polypus Forceps, Mouth Gags, Sheep Shears, Hoof Cutters, Horse Clipping Machines - Electrically Operated, Bull Holders, Bull Nose Punches, Bull Nose Rings, Tooth Cutters, Tooth Rasps, Ferrier Sets, Tail Docking machine, Clipping Scissor, Bone Fracture Fixation Sets, Nail Cutters, Tooth Forceps, Emasculators, Tattooing Forceps, Surgical Sets, Suture Needles

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